Western Heritage

We in the west owe so much to the early settlers who built this land through blood, sweat, tears and faith. The abandoned farms that still stand are the landmarks of our heritage. Too many are vanishing, too many....

No Trespassing
Parts on Back-order
Schools Out
Chevy Tuckered Away
Barns into the Sunset
Prairie Parking
Prairie Snows
Weed Eaters
Standing Firm
Taber Tornado - this image went  viral on the internet
Cabin back there
Resting in Peace
Church Buggy
Town of Bents, Saskatchewan
Bents, Saskachewan
Every Sunset
Facing South
Gingerbread House
Grain Shed Sunrise
Oh Sunny Days
Waiting Horse Collars
Mercury Distracted Driving
Crooked Seat
Grandpa's Office
"Chop House" with morning sundog
Truck Pump near Rosetown, Saskatchewan
Old School Classroom in Saskatchewan
Old School House in Alberta
Sun Hat
"Swing House" in Saskatchewan
Un-frozen in Time

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