If you, like me, enjoy the Mountains, Prairies, Foothills, Abandoned Farms, Birds, Animals, Lakes, Rivers, Macro, the Canadian Badlands and plain old experimenting with editing techniques then I invite you to grab a coffee and visit my Western Canada!
Make a Web Site they said...​​​​​​​
Hi There! Pat Kavanagh here in Southern Alberta, Canada.

So, here is my web site with all of the links to my various image locations on the internet. Having built a few web sites in the past, it was only natural for me to get around to making my own for my photography interests.
FLICKR is where I hang my hat theses days, updating images on a daily or weekly basis. I currently have over 3,000 images in various Albums. With over 8 million views and close to 2,000 followers, I am truly humbled that so many people have visited to look at my images. Flickr is a great community to share pictures relevant to topic specific groups, enter into discussions and email members directly with any questions.

... it was a photographer on Flickr that blew my mind when he showed a before/after picture that he edited. The edited version was spectacular and at that point I realized what could be done with editing. I have been on the learning, experimenting, testing bandwagon ever since. Its in my nature to find the best way of doing something. There is no goal line because running the race is more fun.

I have had a number of images featured in Flickr Explore, published in magazines, band T-shirts and CD's, world-wide newspapers with an image that went viral, TV interviews, Radio interviews and along the way I invented a macro extension tube set-up made from plumbing pipe - LOL, it worked well too. 

My real love is editing images in Photoshop's LAB Color Space. I watched a little video on LAB in 2004 and have been experimenting with it ever since. All these years later and there are still very few tutorials done using LAB Color Space. I have developed my own editing techniques along the way to take advantage of the superior editing environment of LAB.

Here are the Albums I have on Flickr:
Hey! you have to be on INSTAGRAM too!

My favorite images from Flickr are posted on Instagram. Instagram too has many special image groups that I belong too with some images being featured in these same groups.
Patrick Kavanagh Photography on Facebook is where new images are announced as being posted into Flickr.
My Latest Hobby - "KARtooning"

My latest hobby is creating something I call "KARtooning" which is a caricature of people, cars, trucks, animals and birds made from real pictures. This is something I had been thinking about and playing around with for the last few years wondering if it might be possible do. I started off working on show and shine cars making them look meaner with more muscle...LOL, I am still laughing about all of this. I even made a couple of sales KARtooning Muscle Cars. 

Where I am now is KARtooning celebrities. Its fun, challenging from a technical standpoint on how to do this but it is unique and so far I have only found a few people on the web that remotely come close to what I am doing. The latest photo editing programs have created an environment where producing these images is easier and resulting in better images.

Here is the link to my Instagram Kartooned.Pictures 
Here is the link to my Flickr Album called Kartoon Ideas.
Definition of KARtooning - "Take a real picture and twist the daylights out of it".
From there to here...  
Originally I am from Windsor, Ontario, Canada. I traveled 2,000 miles "out west" with some of my school buddies back in the day for a 3 week vacation. Having the flu for most of the trip did not stop me from falling in love with the Prairies and the Mountains during that time.

Once back in Ontario I made plans to return 2 weeks later to Alberta permanently with some of those same buddies. Over the next few years they all abandoned me in Alberta but that was fine because I married my girl from back home in Windsor and we set down roots in Southern Alberta.
I caught the photography bug from my father who took lots of pictures and video of the family. Unfortunately he passed away when I was 11 years old but I will never forget his influence on me. My mother's love for birds and animals along with her keen observations inspired me to stop and truly see. Dennis (one of those buddies) was photographing weddings in Ontario so I tagged along with him with my "new" camera. At this point everything came together and I was learning as much as possible about photography. Our photography experiments were many.
As time progressed with digital cameras, editing programs became the norm and I found myself learning to edit pictures in Photoshop's LAB Color Space. LAB is very unique editing environment and a bit hard to learn and even harder to learn with very little teaching on it. Eventually I figured out how to use it and in the process discovered new techniques that few people know about.

Currently I am editing images using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CC as well as Topaz Software. LAB is still a critical part in my editing process and that will never change.
Thanks for stopping by!
Pat Kavanagh.