They said "make a web site" 
Hey, Pat Kavanagh here in Southern Alberta, Canada. I have been doing photography for quite a few years now with thousands of images shot, edited and posted to my other internet sites. So with some encouragement I built this web site so that folks can link to all of my image content from this one location.
You can find me on FLICKR, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK and REDBUBBLE (where you can purchase prints). I am updating content on a weekly basis with new images so check back often.
If you, like me, enjoy the Mountains, Prairies, Foothills, Abandoned Farms, Birds, Animals, Lakes, Rivers, Streams and the Canadian Badlands then I invite you to grab a coffee and visit my Canada.
From there to here...  
Originally from Windsor, Ontario, Canada I traveled "out west" with some of my school buddies back in the day for a 3 week vacation. I fell in love with the Prairies and the Mountains during that time. Once back in Ontario I made plans to return 2 weeks later to Alberta permanently with some of those same buddies. Over the next few years they all eventually left me in Alberta but that was fine because I married my girl from back home and we set down roots in Alberta.
I caught the photography bug from my father who took lots of pictures and video of the family. Unfortunately he passed away when I was 11 years old but I will never forget his influence on me. My mother's love for birds and animals along with her keen observations inspired me to stop and truly see. Dennis (one of those buddies) was photographing weddings in Ontario so I tagged along with him with my "new" camera. At this point everything came together and I was learning everything I could about photography.
As time progressed and digital cameras and editing programs became the norm I found myself learning to edit pictures in Photoshop's LAB Color Space. LAB is very specific and a bit hard to learn and even harder to learn with very little teaching on it. Eventually I figured out how to use it and in the process discovered new techniques that few people know about. Currently I am editing images using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CC as well as NIK Software. LAB is still a critical part in my editing process.
Thanks for stopping by!
Pat Kavanagh.